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Our Regional Teams
& Associates

Residual Risk Management not only has a direct team but also maintains a network of associates across multiple risks as well as operational management disciplines spanning a large portion of the globe.


Nadjitan Serge Djantan

Regional Manager - Central &


West Africa:


Safety and Operational Management

Nadjitan is a Safety, Facility and Fleet Management Professional with strong commercial skills. Able to take leadership, gather workforce, build and direct motivation and engagement to reach the objectives under difficult circumstances in challenging environments has always been part of his strengths. Nadjitan has many years experience in the oil and gas and telecommunications sectors, fluent in French and English

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Lynton Edmunds

Senior Consultant

South & East Africa and Middle East:

Security and Government Affairs

Lynton has over 32 years of military, security, intelligence gathering and investigative experience in high-risk areas across Africa and the Middle East, as well as the UK. He also has commercial experience gathered during his time as a partner and director in his own private sector business providing security, intelligence and investigative services to blue-chip corporate clients, as well as foreign governments.

Lynton is fluent in English & Afrikaans.

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Associate coming soon

North & South America:

Safety, Security, Business Continuity & Crisis Management

We are currently in the process of appointing a new associate for North & South America, the new associate has extensive experience in the fields of Business Continuity, Resilience, and Crisis Management as well as experience in Safety and Security.




Rudi Artupel

Senior Consultant


Central & North Africa And Europe:


Security, Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Rudi has an extensive background within the security and emergency response sector. Rudi has over 28 years of military, security, crisis management experience in high-risk areas prominently across the middle east and Africa.  

Rudi is fluent in French & English.

Anthony Fernandes

Senior Consultant




Health & Safety, Operational Management

Anthony is a seasoned and motivated Administration and Facility professional specialising in bringing values and fostering positive relations among colleagues.  As an expert in his field, Anthony has been in charge of Facilities & Travel Management as well as Health, Safety and Environment Management to which Anthony brings 25 years of commercial experience.  His tireless work in completing any given projects on time as well as focusing on the company’s growth.

Anthony is well-positioned to bring in strong values while increasing productivity through excellent oversight, focus on growth and fostering a healthy environment in his work area.

Anthony is fluent in English & Hindi.

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N P Siddeswar Swamy

Senior Consultant




Environment, Health & Safety Management

As a talented Environmental, Health and Safety Manager, with extensive experience across a wide range of industries including Manufacturing, Fabrication, Oil & Gas and Construction and having worked in many countries in Asia and the Middle East Swamy brings wealth of experience and industry and cultural knowledge to the team
Swamy is able to deliver turnkey solutions, from inception to management, to review and finalise with systems auditing, Swamy is competent working as an operations specialist all the way through to being a Lead Auditor. 

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