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Our reputation for excellence, integrity, and utmost confidentiality, combined with our service-oriented approach is why Residual Risk Management is a trusted advisor to clients around the world from small to medium enterprises to international organisations.

Residual Risk Management offers a wide scope of risk and crisis management services working with our clients in a trusted partnership, to provide bespoke solutions that fit their unique culture and business, building on organisational resilience so they can operate with greater confidence.


Residual Risk Management works alongside trusted services as one global team. Residual Risk Management consultants are able to use actual case experience to advise clients on how best to mitigate their risks and build resilience into their organisation.

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creates a grouped control function that combines various non-financial business elements to guarantee Business Support and Continuity of Services creating a coherent risk-based approach that ensures Safety and Security as well as Reliability and Assurance to your business.

Some of the advantages of function integration:

  • Cohesive risk management across the function;

  • Enhanced focus on safety and security;

  • Closer auditibility and improved controls;

  • Support to drive HSE & BCM;

  • Sharing of resources and knowledge across the function;

  • Improved utilization of headcount;

  • Additional focus on Fleet, Facility and Support Services;

  • A new focus on environmental impact, energy efficiency and reporting;

  • Creating a value-adding business unit;

  • Presenting a positive corporate responsibility image & brand.


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